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Land Board approves

Three week break helpful for BisonStreak goes on for LionsCurl, Dickson lead BlizzardBison in FCS title game againDemons edge SaintsCentury skates past JamestownSkyhawks take on defending championsThe state Land Board approved $25.6 million in impact grants to flood impacted counties on Thursday.Board of University and School Lands members unanimously approved the funds. The dollars are from the Flood Impacted Subdivision Infrastructure Development Grant Program.The program is a$30 million allocation included "Anadrol 50" in the disaster relief bill approved in November by the Legislature.Land Commissioner Lance Gaebe said a total of $18.8 million was recommended for approval for Ward County."Minot of course is a big piece of this," Gaebe said.Minot was awarded $5 million for sewer expansion on the north side of the city. It also received $4.05 million for sewer and lift station repairs and $2.15 million for the city's landfill expansion. A total of $750,000 also was awarded for the purchase of 13 Minot homes that were damaged.The Minot Public School District also received $3.5 million for land acquisition to relocate schools away from the Souris River.Minot Public Schools Superintendent Mark Vollmer thanked the board for their support. He said the dollars will go a long way in helping with the relocation of Erik Ramstad Middle School as well as other structures lost in last year's flood."This is a godsend at this point," Vollmer Tren Delantero Ford F100 72 said.Gov. Jack Dalrymple told Vollmer and other Minot officials there are funding sources for projects not approved Thursday. He said local and state funding of Minot's recovery is a long term project."I wouldn't consider it the end of the story (today)," Dalrymple said.The rest of the$25.6 million "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" was split among Barnes, Benson, Burleigh, McHenry, Morton, Ramsey, Renville and Richland counties.Gaebe said more than 135 flood grant applications were submitted from the nine counties. Grants could be used to fund up to50 percent of eligible projects.Approximately$2.7 million was awarded to Burleigh County for a total of five projects. Four of the five projects were for grade raises for roads. The final project "Anaboliset Aineet" was for storm water outfall gates and valves.In Morton County, a total of $1.08 million was awarded for five projects. Projects in Morton County consisted of two grade raises, two storm sewer projects and one project consisting of pipe lining for a lift station.Gaebe outlined the program's guidelines from the November legislation. Eligible projects inluded those that would develop new infrastructure, restore or repair flood damaged property, raise roads and handle other flood related damages.Projects were prioritized by local political subdivisions based on several criteria, including financial need, project readiness, degree of flood impact and "Anaboliset Aineet" its ability to contribute to long term economic and community expansion. Another criteria was that funding was for projects Turinabol Erfahrung not eligible for other state, federal or insurance funding.Officials from the Department of Emergency Services, Department of Transportation, State Water Commission and Department of Commerce assisted in reviewing applications.Gaebe said there were several requests Turinabol Roid Plus from four counties that still require additional information. He said "buy cheap jintropin online" these requests are for projects in Benson, McHenry, Renville and Ramsey counties."A lot of these projects were requests to match other federal sources," Gaebe said.Gaebe said these projects would be brought back to the board's May meeting for final approval. Between the four counties$1.73 million was reserved for the projects in case of final approval.The reserved dollars brought the total approved funding to more than $27.3 million.The board also awarded $2 million in energy impact grants to school districts in the northwest part of the state.A total of $1.35 million was awarded to Williston New Public School District 8, a rural district outside Williston. The money is to fund two 8 plex portable units. Tioga schools were awarded $300,000 and South Heart was awarded $240,000. Powers Lake received $80,000 and McKenzie County $27,000.The dollars were in addition to the $3 million awarded to Williston Public Schools for temporary classrooms in March. Funds for this grant round were for K 8 schools in oil producing counties for the 2012 13 school year. The funds are to cover the first year of rent on the units and the cost of preparing the units for placement.